The best gaming headsets are capable of offering gamers a fully immersive gaming experience. For this reason, in addition to comfort and design. These would be the three basic premises on which users who want to improve their gaming experience, look for the best gaming headset to buy.

In this guide, we are going to discuss the best gaming headphone models on the market. We have structured all the information so that anyone can access the perfect model for their particular case. Therefore, you will find the best options according to its value for money, the best-wired headphones, the best wireless ones to play, and our Premium recommendations as well as tips and keys to find the model you need.

Virtually all manufacturers put the impact information as “Sennheiser” or “AKG” both in their cheap models and in the professional line, which naturally makes us choose the model with the lowest price. After all, if a model is worth 3k and another 40k, and they have similar characteristics, it is better to carry the cheapest one, right? The truth is that some headphones are cheaper to produce than the packaging itself, and rare are the models that escape this rule. But of course, the price will go something, it is precisely for that reason, so we must first look at users and opinions, sales and especially our guide to tell you about them.

1.SteelSeries Arctis Pro


SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless gaming headsets improve the appearance and sound quality of the famous Siberia 840, being the best-sounding wireless gaming headphones we’ve tested. The design follows the Arctis line: it features oblong cups with air cushioning. They can be used in long sessions without causing any discomfort and do not trap sweat.These are the best wireless gaming headsets the company has released.

Another improvement over the excellent Siberia 840 is that they redesigned the controls more pragmatically. These gamer headphones feature a very easy-to-use microphone mute switch and the battery cover is now magnetic, allowing you to charge batteries while playing smoothly.


The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is perhaps the best gaming headphones when it comes to audio quality. They reproduce up to 40,000Hz and integrate HiFi transducers that produce a sound with sublime details. Another plus point is that they don’t distort at any time, even when playing loud bass at maximum volume and offer excellent virtual surround sound. You can identify the location of different game effects, such as different types of explosions or shots. The microphone receives some ambient noise but picks up voices very clearly.


These are wireless gaming headsets that work with a USB transmitter that also works as a charging port. They can be connected through the 2.4 Gb transmitter but they also have Bluetooth connectivity, so you can use them with your mobile devices. They have optical and USB connections from which you can simultaneously connect to your computer and PlayStation. unfortunately, they are not compatible with Xbox One.


The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Wireless Gaming Headset comes with two easily interchangeable batteries and each lasts about ten hours. This allows you to play without interruption, something rare even in the best gaming headphones.


SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless helmets are some of the best gaming headphones we’ve tested for sound quality. They are also attractive, very comfortable, and have a dual battery system that allows you to play continuously. They are expensive, but their price is justified.



Sliding the case cover open and presents you with the folded headphones as compact as possible with the folding headband. Either earphone can be folded inside and pressed against the bottom of the headband, with the other earpiece on top to create a much smaller device with better portability. The right cushion can also be removed to reveal both the ‘ProSpecs Goggle Relief System’, an adjustment you can make to relieve pressure if you wear glasses, as well as a slot to store the small USB transmitter required to use the headphones wirelessly.

With memory foam pads on each side, there are no complaints when it comes to comfort. As you would expect with any headset on the top end of the scale, it starts to feel heavy after a while, but not so much that it’s uncomfortable to wear. My only complaint with the design lies in the small amount of leeway in the extendable headband. Fortunately, I don’t have a big head, but anyone who does may find the Elite Atlas Aero a bit too tight.


It’s fine detailing the unique features the headset offers, but when it comes to in-game performance, how’s it going? With the recent release of Apex Legends season 3, I turned up the volume, turned on the Superhuman Audience, and got to work looking for my first win of the new season.

There is no other way to describe it other than to say that the superhuman listening feature makes you feel superhuman because you can hear footsteps from an astonishingly long distance. There would be enemies on a hill, running around the looting and he would be calling nearby players because they sounded much closer then than they were.


This is the best headset I have used in a long time for multiplayer games; You’ll get an instant advantage by playing anything competitive that uses steps, shots, and more. While it’s not perfectly tuned for epic story games or consoles, it’s well worth checking out if you’re a competitive online gamer with a solid gaming PC.

3.LOGITECH G Pro X Gaming Headphones


The G Pro X is one of Logitech’s most attractive gaming headsets. They have a classic and simple design, but they look fantastic. The body is reinforced by steel and aluminum. The brand’s logo on the cups is the only eye-catching detail on these stylish player helmets.

They come with two sets of pads, the synthetic leather one that comes with the helmets and a microfiber alternative. The material of the additional cups appears to be the same as that used by Astro in the A50. It gets a little warm, but it feels very soft.

One of the best features of these gaming headphones is their microphone. It is removable, flexible, and has a cardioid polar pattern.


In addition to being the most attractive gaming headphones of the brand, they are also what they sound best. The G Pro Xs offer great sound quality for their price. The bass and vocal frequencies stand out in the mix, but nothing bothersome.

Like the other Logitech helmets, the bass lacks some strength to enjoy the effects in all the strength they deserve. Luckily, you can equalize the sound and increase the strength of the bass through the Logitech G Hub software and use presets from different esports organizations. We prefer the clarity of factory settings, but alternatives exist for you to try.


The Logitech G Pro X are wired gaming headsets. We are sorry that it does not work with Bluetooth connectivity, but they will surely launch a wireless version later. The positive is that they come with multiple cables and an external USB sound card with support for 7.1 sound and other effects.


The Logitech’s G Pro X are the best gaming headphones released by the company. They are not so cheap if we consider that they are wired, but their price is more than justified by the sound quality. Their sound performance competes with much more expensive models, they are attractive and comfortable. If you don’t need wireless connectivity, the G Pro X is one of the best options on the market.



Every year a new update for the Astro A50 comes out and each one is better than the last. In terms of aesthetics, they look like gaming headphones at first glance but replace the striking colors of previous years with a modern and classic black. You can use them for hours without causing any discomfort, although the pads get a little warm in long sessions. The good thing is that they are removable and you can replace them with better synthetic leather ones to attenuate the environmental noise.

Sound quality

Like the older generation, the Astro A50 gen 4 is a closed type helmet. At least it is closed in its construction even if I would rather describe it as a “semi-closed” helmet. Indeed the Astro A50 gives a much more airy feeling than a standard closed helmet. Passive isolation is almost nonexistent and lets through most of the surrounding sounds. It is therefore much closer to the sensations and rendering offered by open helmets.

Speaking of sound, Astro indicates that he has developed “Astro V2 audio”. A system that achieves “sharper treble, controlled mids and bass without any distortion for balanced resolution”.

In reality, after hours of comparisons with the 3rd generation and using the same audio preset on the 2 headsets, I noticed no difference whatsoever for the game, listening to music or movies.

The midrange and treble are also well transcribed and balanced to take advantage of the sound details of the environments.


The Astro A50 comes with a USB station that wirelessly charges the gaming headphones and also shows you the battery status, the EQ setting, the Dolby sound status, and the console or computer to which they are connected.

The charging port integrates several ports: a USB-A for charging, optical digital audio inputs and outputs, auxiliary input, and a micro USB port that you can connect to your PC. It has a switch to switch between PC and PS4 modes, but if you want to use them with an Xbox you should look for the version designed for this console.


Helmets with Astro A50 micro are one of the most expensive gaming headphones on the market, but they are also an excellent investment. They boast great build quality, sound great, and deliver a seamless surround experience. It is an excellent option for those people who can afford them.

5. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2


The  Turtle Beach Elite PRO 2 is the best headphones with a microphone made by this New York company. The frame is made of metal and black plastic for the bands and cups, and a synthetic leather fabric covers the headphones to provide more comfort. They are one of the best gaming headphones we’ve tested for comfort. The materials with which they are made ensure that they can be used without discomfort in long sessions. The cups are held by magnets and can be easily removed, while the band is flexible but strong.

The company offers several glasses with different designs for the personal tastes of any user. The boom microphone plugs into a port on the left cup. It can be removed or replaced and is mounted on a thin and flexible metal arm that can be easily adjusted.


These gaming headphones have more than remarkable sound quality. The frequency response is not as flat or focused on studio music as that of the Sennheiser (see description below), but the Elite Pro covers all frequency ranges with no noticeable flaws. They have a great balance between all the tones and produce a rich sound thanks to their 50mm transducers. They deliver bright, crisp mids and highs, while the bass doesn’t produce a surprising response but does have good depth and clarity. Even when using them at high levels, we haven’t found any noticeable distortions.

They work with DTS X: 7.1 virtual surround sound, which is essential in gaming helmets in this price range. The direction of the audio is clear and makes it easy to identify the direction where the shots come from in games. Also, the wireless gaming headphones feature Superhuman Hearing technology that amplifies the ambient noise of your games. This feature distorts the sound a bit but is very useful for online games. The audio balance can also be changed and you have full control of the bass and treble through the Turtle Beach app.


These gamers’ helmets do not have controls on the body, but they do have a volume potentiometer on the Elite SuperAmp. The amplifier connects to the gaming headsets with a 3.5mm cable and the PC or console via a USB cable. The SuperAmp adds Bluetooth connectivity so you can use them as wireless headsets for PC or mobile. To use the amp you only need to download the Turtle Beach application and you can control the helmets from your phone easily. They are available in versions for PS4 and Xbox One.


The Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro 2 micro helmets offer fantastic audio quality under one of the most comfortable bodies we’ve tested in this category. They are among the best gaming headphones on the market. Find the best prices on

6.Hyperx Cloud Alpha


The headphones are made in traditional red and black colors. A wide aluminum headband with a soft lining is covered in faux leather with an embossed manufacturer logo and a dramatic red stitch.

The cups are in two components: the cover is made of matte black plastic with a red logo and the frame is made of a “gummed” soft-touch plastic that is pleasant to the touch. At the top of each cup are five round holes. They are necessary to balance the internal pressure.

The pads are made of “modified” synthetic leather: the material differs from its predecessors in its special softness and subtlety and is very pleasant to the touch. The diameter of the circle became larger so that the fit became denser: the ears with such pads are noticeably more comfortable. But the spare woven pair in the set, unfortunately not.


Since our headphones have no image embellishments, like the adjustable backlight, you don’t need additional cables with MicroUSB to work. In total, there are 2 wires in a good braid. The main one is a cable with two standard-size 3.5mm 4-pin plugs on both ends. The one inserted into the glass is specially marked.


The main pride of the new Cloud Alpha is the “revolutionary” two-chamber speaker design (as its manufacturer proudly calls it), created using patented HyperX Dual Chamber technology. Thanks to this design, it was possible to place the 50mm headphone speakers so that the low frequencies are processed in one, and the high and mid frequencies in the other camera. These technical tricks allow you to better separate the bass from the mid and high frequencies and get an increasingly clear sound with minimal distortion.

The headphones sound good: you can listen to music with pleasure and cut your favorite game, without any problem to determine the source of the sound and the degree of its distance. The bass sounds high quality and doesn’t mix in stupid low-frequency noise. Due to the entire design of the pad and ear cushions, the headphones fit snugly and safely cut off external sounds.


HyperX Cloud Alpha can safely take the honorable place of the patriarch of the “Cloud” family. Small improvements made the design more elegant, comfortable, and versatile, and the sound with the updated speaker design became “tastier” and brighter.

7. Steelseries Arctis 7


The Arctis 7 makes a good first impression: physically, it oozes class. It’s surprisingly light and comes with what SteelSeries describes as a ski goggle band (which it isn’t, as it sits on top of your head and doesn’t go around the back), with a camouflage print in the style of Dazzle ships.

That design provides plenty of adjustability for players with unusually large or small heads and ensures the Arctis 7 is the best in class for comfort. It is a headset that you could happily wear-all-day.


These gaming helmets can not only be used to play online, but their sound quality is so good that they can be used to listen to music or watch movies. They work with DTS surround sound and have a fully retractable microphone with adjustable noise cancellation.

They offer great sound balance and good clarity at all frequencies. The basses are not as strong as those of other models, but they are deep enough that you can enjoy the effects as they should. The mid-tones are well balanced, as are the trebles. DTS Headphone X v2 technology delivers surround sound with excellent spatiality. It adds nothing when listening to music since most songs are recorded in stereo, but for play, they offer remarkable spatial precision.


The SteelSeries Arctis 7 offers the same connectivity options as previous models. They connect wirelessly to a computer or PS4 via a USB adapter, but you can also use them wired. Latency is minimal and the range of wireless connectivity is better than the last version.


In the competitive world of gaming headsets, we come across Steelseries helmets that possess two characteristics that set them apart from the rest: First, the headband’s elastic band is customizable with a huge number of designs available. Secondly, its microphone provides a high quality of voice capture and noise cancellation.

8.Sennheiser GSP 600 Professional Gaming Headset


Sennheiser is one of the best headphone brands in the world and the GSP 600s are the company’s latest gaming headsets. They are large, striking, and very comfortable. They have a black and red finish with silver details that identify them as gaming headphones at first sight, although they maintain the elegant aesthetic of Sennheiser. They incorporate a boom microphone that can be muted when moving the arm and that is not removable but can rotate easily. It has a volume control on the right side that reacts easily.


The Sennheiser GSP 600, like all the brand’s headphones, offers fairly good audio quality. They do not provide the fidelity of the more expensive Sennheiser helmets, but they do have good details on all frequencies. The sound profile emphasizes the low frequencies so that you can enjoy the effects, such as bangs, optimally, but it is still well balanced. The bass remains controlled and does not overshadow the other keys, while the mids and highs sound very clear and have good separation.

These gaming headphones do not offer virtual surround sound, but the sound spatiality is well achieved anyway, you can easily recognize the different shots or explosions. They also perform well when listening to music, don’t distort at any volume level, and excel when playing genres like hip hop. The microphone picks up voices very clearly and attenuates ambient noises quite well.


These gaming helmets for PC and consoles come with two sturdy cables. The other is shorter, ideal for use with game consoles. They are somewhat large, but can also be connected to mobile devices such as MP3 players.


The Sennheiser GSP 600 gaming headphones are comfortable and provide adjustment options to suit any user. Their sound quality is great and they perform well for playing or listening to music. They are expensive and do not offer virtual surround sound, but their price is well justified.


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