The human body is not designed to sit still. That is why everything hurts when we spend many hours in this position. In addition, in the long run, these discomforts can lead to more serious injuries.

A good gaming chair not only “forces” us to adopt a correct position, but it is designed to be more comfortable for longer and to be able to face longer games without losing concentration.

Therefore, it is also a good option for those who study or work sitting down: in addition to being healthier, it makes us more productive. In this guide, you will find the best gaming chairs according to our analysts, from low-cost models to those used by professional gamers.

The 10 best gaming chairs of 2021

These are the most recommended models currently. Any of them is an excellent purchase, but make sure before that it is the most suitable for your needs.

1. Homall Gaming Chair

The chair for YouTubers and professional players
Best Gaming chair, Homall Gaming chair review

Measurements: 19.8 x 20.5 x 47.8 inches
Weight that supports: 138 Kg
Material: Leather
Backrest angle: 150 °
Accessories: Lumbar cushion and cervical cushion

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A Homall Gaming Chair is always a quality chair. And it is that the brand, a reference in the gaming community, manufactures its products with the best materials.

For that reason, their chairs are always a worthwhile purchase: in addition to being extremely comfortable, they do not sag or deform with weight, they are very durable and they pay off more than anything else.

The only problem may be the price since the brand is more expensive than usual in this range; but if you can afford it, don’t hesitate too much.

The Homall Gaming Chair is designed to provide good ergonomics and rest to the body, as well as to satisfy the needs of the gamer public.

  • Adjustable in height and inclination
  • The armrests support up to 8 different positions.
  • Reclines up to 150 degrees
  • You can swing or block it to keep you more stable.
  • It includes a cervical and a lumbar cushion, both adjustable to promote good postural hygiene.

A warning: if you weigh more than 100 kg or measure more than 1.80, the chair may be “too small” for you. Precisely the idea is that the structure “hug” you, so if you are very bulky it can stop being comfortable or even be overwhelming.

The seat of the Homall Gaming Chair is lined in leather, is easy to clean, and, unlike other gaming chairs, breathable. You can play or work without a shirt, in suspenders, or shorts without sweating more than necessary and without your skin sticking to the upholstery.

  • Very durable thanks to the quality of its materials
  • The upholstery, easy to clean and breathable
  • It can be adjusted a lot to the needs of each user
  • The shape of its sides can take away freedom of movement for large or broad-backed people

2. Dowinx Gaming Chair

A mid-range chair with high-end features and extreme customization
Best Gaming Chair, Dowinx Gaming chair review
  • Weight that supports: 130 Kg
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Backrest angle: 180 °
  • Accessories: Lumbar cushion and trapezoidal cushion
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Here is another brand with many fans among gamers.

In our tests, we found the Dowinx Gaming Chair a model that offers a lot for what it costs.

  • Its ergonomic design and its two cushions, one lumbar adjustable to different heights and the other trapezoidal allow you to sit comfortably for a long time. You will appreciate it in very long games or on workdays that last longer than usual.
  • In addition, you can make the most of the breaks to stretch and even take a nap: it reclines up to 180 degrees and the sides welcome your body to prevent you from falling or slipping an arm.
  • Otherwise, its materials are of quality and make it a comfortable and robust chair, highlighting its cold-molded foam padding. This foam makes the chair adapt well to your body while remaining firm to ensure good posture.

But what this chair has that differentiates it from other similarly priced ones is 3D armrests adjustable in all directions: up and down, right and left, forward and backward.

So you can play like a pro, comfortably and without straining your wrist when putting your hand on the mouse, and also rest your arms while using the computer to work.

That customizability makes the Dowinx Gaming Chair one of the highest positions on our list of best gaming chairs.

  • The 3D armrests adjustable in various directions
  • Fully reclines, up to 180 °
  • Good value for money
  • The trapezoidal cushion can be uncomfortable for people of short stature
  • Synthetic leather upholstery is not very pleasant in hot weather

3. GT RACING Gaming Chair

A sturdy chair, recommended for heavy players
  • Measurements: 28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches
  • Supported weight: 130 Kg
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Backrest angle: 170 °
  • Accessories: Headrest cushion, lumbar cushion
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The GTRACING Gaming Chair has a very ergonomic design, a wide and deep seat that draws in the legs well, and a high backrest so that even the taller users can support their entire back and head.
It comes with two cushions, one cervical and one lumbar. Both are adjusted by straps that pass through holes in the head so that they do not move once you have placed them at the desired height.

You can also rest your arms thanks to some 2D adjustable armrests: height and rotation to the right and left.

If you are one of those who recline in the chair, you can adjust the angle of inclination of the backrest between 90 and 170 degrees, so you can lie down almost completely to relax your posture or even take a short nap.

The height is regulated by a gas piston that allows it to hold up to 130 kg of weight. This, together with the length of the backrest and the breadth of the seat, makes the GTRACING Gaming Chair an ideal chair for taller and larger users.

The GTRACING Gaming Chair is lined with a resistant and breathable polyurethane, and its internal structure is made of steel so that you have a saddle for many years. In addition, the wheels are quiet and protect wooden floors well.

  • Reclinable almost completely
  • Lumbar and cervical cushion
  • Holds up to 130 kg of weight
  • Lumbar cushion can be hard
  • Assembly instructions are concise

4. RESPAWN RSP-110 Reclining Ergonomic Gaming Chair

A chair with personality not suitable for all audiences
  • Measurements: 28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches
  • Supported weight: 120 Kg
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Backrest angle: 155 °
  • Accessories: Headrest cushion, a lumbar cushion
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At first, glance, what most attracts the attention of the RESPAWN RSP-110, and that makes some fall in love at first sight and others discard it at the moment, is its daring design. Of course, aesthetic issues aside, we are facing a great chair:

  • It is stylish and takes up little space.
  • At the same time, it is very robust and can support up to 120kg of weight.
  • High backrest, side protections, cervical cushion (with a shape reminiscent of diabolical horns), and lumbar cushion adjustable in height by means of straps.
  • Padding is thicker and fluffier than most chairs in this price range
  • It reclines to almost 155 degrees.

The height is adjusted by gas spring and, as a catch, we have verified that the armrests are static and cannot be adjusted. Ah! And the upholstery is made of high-quality, abrasion-resistant synthetic leather.

Considering that the chair already offers excellent value for money and is built to last for many years, we find the RESPAWN RSP-110 a great investment.

  • Original and striking design
  • Great value for money
  • Very robust for its size
  • It’s kind of noisy
  • Armrests are not adjustable

5. GT RACING Gaming Chair GT002-BLUE

A very adjustable chair for those who want to customize their posture to the maximum.
  • Measurements: 20.86 x 21.26 x 51.97 inches
  • Weight that supports: 136 Kg
  • Material: Nylon
  • Backrest angle: 170 °
  • Accessories: Lumbar cushion and cervical cushion
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Don’t be fooled by its price: the GT RACING Gaming Chair GT002-BLUE has everything that most racing saddles in its range offer, including those from popular (and also more expensive) brands.

GTRACING is not a company linked to the world of video games, but it does know something about making furniture for different scenarios.

In fact, apart from the difference in the materials with which it is manufactured (which, obviously, is paid for), it has nothing to envy to the leading brands.

This GT Racing is a gaming chair that has all the necessary features and accessories to be used for hours:

  • A high backrest, reclining up to 170 degrees so that the column is always well supported on its entire surface.
  • A cervical and a lumbar cushion, both adjustable with straps so that you can fix them at the height that suits you best or, if you prefer, do without them.
  • Height and angle adjustable armrests. You will appreciate it when you spend many hours sitting and don’t know what to do with your arms: this way you create a posture that is natural for you.
  • The non-slip surface at the base to support the feet and relieve leg fatigue.

The GT Racing is available in several colors and in two different materials, synthetic leather and fabric, so you can choose the one that suits you best according to your needs and preferences.

  • Price
  • Height and angle adjustable armrests
  • Holds less weight than others in its range
  • The materials are not very sophisticated

6. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair Racing Style

A fully reclining chair to rest during long computer sessions
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The Polar Aurora is a very good option to consider if what you are looking for is a gaming chair with the guarantee of a recognized brand behind it and at an affordable price.

  • Like all Polar Aurora, it has a high-end foam padding that makes the seat stay firm and withstands the passage of time.
  • Its ergonomic design makes it easy for you to use it for hours while maintaining good posture. And, for added comfort, the armrests are adjustable in both height and angle.
  • In addition, it comes with a trapezoidal cushion to give extra support to the head and another lumbar so that your back does not suffer and you can play or work comfortably for a long time.
  • But since not everything is going to be work and play, the Polar Aurora is also ideal for your rest, since it can recline up to 160 ° so that you can lie flat on it.
  • Don’t worry, you won’t fall: hold up to 130 kg. Of course, although it supports a lot of weight, it is not the best chair if you are a bulky person, since it is not very wide and could limit your movement.
  • At the base, on the wheels, it has a non-slip surface to support the feet. It is a small detail that is extra comfort and rest for the legs when we have been sitting on it for a long time.

7. Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair

Ideal for lovers of racing video games
  • Weight that supports: 136 Kg
  • Material: PU leather & Carbon Leather
  • Backrest angle: 180 °
  • Accessories: Lumbar cushion and cervical cushion
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The Marvel Avengers gaming has a sporty design that will delight players who are passionate about racing games because this chair will make them feel like they are in a race car.

Fortunately, it is much more than just a nice chair inspired by professional pilot seats: it is of good quality, comfortable, and safe.

  • It has a design that adapts and gathers the body, a strong structure, and is padded with high-density foam.
  • Its cervical and lumbar cushions provide more ergonomics and comfort. Thanks to this we have been able to spend more time sitting on this chair without our body suffering and without sweating too much: it is covered with synthetic leather. microperforated that allows good perspiration.
  • You can adjust the height of your chair, adjust the height of the armrests, swing in it, and recline it up to 180 ° safely as long as you don’t weigh more than 136 kg.

8. Furniwell Gaming Chair

  • Measurements: 69 x 71 x 114-123 cm
  • Supported weight: 110 Kg
  • Material: Faux fur
  • Backrest angle: 150 °
  • Accessories: Lumbar and cervical cushion

Furniwell Chairs makes this list with its fascinating S-RACER gaming chair. With a design that its developers consider “Furniwell”. This chair turns out to be robust and stable, without losing the elegance provided by its high-quality details.

It is covered in resistant synthetic leather from the seat to the backrest and has special cushions at the head and spine level to ensure optimal posture.

Additionally, it can be tilted, thanks to the BIFMA standard method, up to 150, its height is adjustable and it is 360 rotatable.

Another attractive feature is that it includes a gas spring with a class 4 safety level, stable base, and friction-resistant rollers that make it the perfect gaming chair and, at the same time, it fits very well to be used in the office.

  • 100% polyurethane cover.
  • It has an extra thick filling.
  • Its assembly is a bit complicated.
  • It has no brake mechanism.

9. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The title of best gaming chair for the back goes to Ficmax with its spectacular model that includes a USB massage lumbar support.

Its main objective is to provide relaxation to the user so it also includes a retractable footrest.

It is made of waterproof and dust resistant synthetic leather, with an ergonomic design that can adapt perfectly to the shape of the body.

At the same time, it has a much wider backrest, filled with thicker foam, a factor that, together with its vibratory massage function, considerably alleviates muscle fatigue.

It is, at the same time, a highly adjustable model with a 360o swivel base, an inclination mechanism from 90o to 180o, adjustable height, and raised armrests.

It is on the market for less than € 160 with the following color combinations: white-black, white-red, black-blue, black-red and only black.

  • One year warranty.
  • Easy to clean fabric.
  • The armrests are not 3D.
  • The chair cannot be rotated.

10. Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming Chair

In this section, it is pertinent to mention what FURMAX brings us; a product that can be classified as one of the best price-quality gaming chairs on the market.

It is a racing/gaming model, covered in synthetic leather, easy to clean, robust, and filled with extra-thick foam that prevents deformation.

It also has a headrest and two padded armrests that are also covered in PU to offer greater comfort and protection. Its backrest is adjustable and reclining, specifically designed for people under 1.75 m tall.

An important detail is that its wheels are made of polyurethane, which allows them to be used on any type of ground and not make the slightest noise while moving. In addition, they are 360 rotatable.

This chair is available to the public for less than € 100 in the following colors: blue, white, gray, orange, black, red, and green.

  • Its endorsement is small.
  • The cushion is elastic.
  • It can only be adjusted 10 cm in height.
  • Leather turns out to be hot.

Best gaming chair for less than 100 dollars:

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As we have seen, Furmax offers us products at a great price with excellent functions. For that reason, it is appropriate to mention it in this part of the information.

The best gaming chair for less than 100 dollars is its Racing Gamer Chair.

In this case, we mean a chair created primarily to offer good support and comfort to the customer. Its adjustable seat and backrest are installed under a cross leg of more than 60 cm in diameter that guarantees high stability.

In addition to this, it has fairly thick padding that prevents deformations since it provides good elasticity and greater adaptation.

Its special features include including armrests and 360 ° swivel capability.

Finally, this chair is made of metal and covered with synthetic leather, which is available in stores for less than $100 in blue, gray, black, red, and green.

Best gaming chair for 200 Dollars: Homall Gaming Chair

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Homall Chairs reappears in this ranking thanks to its fantastic Homall Gaming model, which wins the award for the best gaming chair for less than 200 dollars.

This brand surprises us, once again, with an amazing design, known as “Ray Vision”, made from perforated synthetic leather allowing air circulation and improving cooling in the back area.

As a point in favor of this model, we have its Tilt Tech butterfly system, which makes it possible to adjust the inclination of the backrest, which can reach 180 °.

It contains, in turn, lumbar and neck pads, all made of HR elastic foam that relieves tension.

Its two-dimensional armrests can be moved from top to bottom and to the sides.

This model exists in white-black, black-black, and black-red color combinations for an approximate price of $ 200.

Guide to buying the best gaming chairs

Before buying a gaming chair, we must carefully analyze its characteristics. There are multiple models and brands, it is important to know which is the one that best suits our needs; It could be a gaming chair, a computer chair, or a desk chair.

For that reason, details such as weight should always be analyzed, which would be a definitive factor since not all chairs are structured to support or support itself.

The height, consequently, is another significant element, since the measurements of the backrest and seat indicate the maximum height that the person who will use it must have.

Similarly, other benefits should be considered, since there are models that have cushions to avoid back problems and others that even integrate massage systems. Therefore, the objective is to find out which are the top gaming chairs on the market.

A gaming chair will come in handy if …

  • You spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer.
  • You want to work or comfortably play on your laptop.
  • You want to protect your back, neck, and head.
  • You intend to relieve muscle tension.

Why a gamer chair to play video games?

Have you noticed that, despite the differences between brands and models, gaming chairs all have a similar and quite recognizable appearance?

This is because their designs are inspired by racing car seats. In fact, gaming chairs are also known as racing chairs.

Racing car seats are designed to provide maximum safety and comfort for drivers, who spend half their lives sitting behind the wheel.

In addition to the time, they must remain seated, it must be taken into account that these professionals are never relaxed when driving and that they make many sudden movements.

For all this, a pilot’s seat must not only be especially ergonomic to prevent injuries and alleviate the constant tension to which his muscles are subjected, but also wrap his body so that he does not slip and get out with so much work.

And now, anyone outside the gaming world might think that why does someone need a seat similar to those of racing cars to play the console or on a PC, if playing video games is a relaxing activity …

Whoever thinks like that, has not enjoyed a good game in his life 🙂

True gamers are well aware of the mental and physical strain that comes with when things get exciting on screen.

And those nerves are noticeable in the posture: you lean too far, you jump in the chair or you imitate the movements you see on the screen.

So yes: a good gaming chair improves the gaming experience and takes care of users’ health, as well as allowing them to endure longer games. Therefore, its use is essential for professional players and advisable for amateurs.

But it should not be an exclusive product for gamers: it is also a highly recommended chair for working, studying, or doing any activity that requires sitting for many hours.

Why a gamer chair to work or enjoy at home?

We have already talked about the health problems we can have if we spend a lot of time in a chair that is not designed to maintain good posture.

But why choose a gaming chair instead of an office chair that is also ergonomic?

We give you several reasons:

Extra comfort

In addition to a firm seat and a design that adapts to the shape of the column, a gaming chair has a series of features and accessories that most other chairs do not have: a higher than usual backrest that allows you to support your head, cushions for the lumbar and cervical areas that you can use to your liking, a wide degree of recline, adjustable armrests (some, in several directions) and a wraparound design that gathers the body.

Some models also have a footrest.


By its design and functions; the same chair is perfect for different activities: working, playing video games, studying, resting (even taking a nap!), reading comfortably, watching a movie, crocheting …


Do office chairs all look the same to you? Are you bored with so much sobriety and little originality in your designs?

That does not happen with gaming chairs. The aesthetic issue may not seem important, but the truth is that we perform better and feel better in space when everything is to our liking.

So, taking into account the number of hours we spend in our office, office, or room; definitely, the aesthetics of your elements matter.

As you can see, a gaming chair is, above all, a good chair. And, by now, you know that investing in a good chair is investing in health.

What to consider when buying a gaming chair

Beyond preferences in terms of aesthetics and price, there are a series of factors that you should consider to choose the gaming chair that best suits your needs.

Your height and weight

To take full advantage of the ergonomics of these chairs, it is important that your head does not protrude above the backrest.

If, on the other hand, you have too much back, make sure that the chair has a cervical cushion that you can adjust to your height.

In terms of weight, gaming chairs tend to hold an average of between 100 and 150 kg, so they are quite safe for most people.

However, it must be borne in mind that, if you are a very large person and you like to adjust the chair in a high position, some less robust models may not last long at the desired height and gradually give way under your weight.


Before deciding on a specific model, check the material with which the seat is lined and think if it is the right one for you and your circumstances.

Synthetic leather gives the chair an elegant look, it is very easy to clean and goes well with almost any decorative style. However, it is not the most comfortable option in summer, especially if you like to be shirtless or wear clothes that allow your skin to come into contact with the chair.

Other fabrics breathe well but are more difficult to clean and may not suit you if there are children in your home, pets that shed or you like to eat while you work or play.

You can always go for natural leather, but that will show in the price, of course.

Cushions and armrests

chair cushions The structure of the chair should accompany your body, guiding it to achieve a good posture, without forcing. That is why it is interesting that both the cushions (lumbar and cervical) and the armrests are adjustable.

Lumbar cushions seek to protect the lower back area, conforming to its natural curve and preventing the back from “falling”, something that tends to happen when you are tired or have been sitting for a long time. This way you maintain a straight posture without falling into stiffness.

Cervical cushions do the same thing but in the neck, another area that suffers a lot with poor posture. The tendency when you focus a lot is to advance your head, and that is usually not a good idea.

In a cervical cushion, as in the lumbar area, you have to be very careful with the fit. If it does not fully adapt to the curve of the neck, the remedy is worse than the disease: the cushion will push your head forward, forcing the posture too much. And that, in the long run, means muscle pain (or some worse injury). Many gamers do not support cushions for this reason.


Armrests are also very important in maintaining posture, and perhaps one of the piezo. Keep in mind that if you support your arms all the time on the table, you are forcing your posture: ideally, you should maintain an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the body.

For this, it is essential that the armrest is adjustable in height. That is the minimum, but many chairs also allow you to adjust the inclination, or even a slight rocking to accompany the natural movements of the body.

As in everything, the more customization options you have, the better. This way you adjust the chair to your posture exactly. However, think that you will have to dedicate some time to leave everything to your liking: it is not as easy as sitting in the new chair and starting to play. When you come across the perfect posture, you’ll appreciate it.


Are the wheels made of a material that can damage the floor of the room where you will have the chair?

Do you want to slide easily from the desk to the shelf by pushing yourself a little with your foot or do you prefer that the chair does not slip a lot so that it does not move every time you do it?

Space you have.

If you have little space, you may be interested in a small chair that you can fit under the desk when you are not using it and you do not care if it reclines a lot or a little.

Or perhaps, on the contrary, you prefer a more complete one that allows you to get rid of some other piece of furniture that it can replace (a small sofa or armchair, for example).

What use are you going to give it?

Do not spend more on extras that you do not need and also take into account in what context you are going to use your chair.

Aggressive design with a strident color can motivate you to compete online, but it can also reduce your security in an office if you work in a very traditional sector and want to convey seriousness to a partner or client from your chair.

In short, why do I want a gaming chair?

Yes, gaming chairs have been designed with those people, professional or not, who spend long hours sitting in front of a screen playing video games in mind.

But precisely because they are made to offer maximum ergonomics and prevent the negative consequences of sitting for a long time, they should not be considered an exclusive product of the gamer community: they are highly recommended for all those people who, for whatever reason, spend a lot of hours in a chair.

Don’t be put off by any labels or scared by the daring colors of the YouTubers gaming chairs: if you are an office worker or student, for example, a gaming chair is an investment in your health and surely there is one ideal for you.

As you have seen, you have a choice: design, material, aesthetics, colors, accessories, size, price …

What are gaming chairs made of?

Another detail that should not be overlooked is the material with which the chair is made. Upholstery is extremely important since, in addition to serving aesthetic purposes, they are responsible for protecting the structure. In this case, fabric and synthetic leather are the most common.


Apart from offering softness, the fabric that covers the gaming chair turns out to be a breathable element. In other words, it allows air to circulate and, consequently, the heat is reduced, which makes it a cooling element.

The disadvantage of this is that it is not very resistant and tends to break easily in a short time, in addition to being difficult to clean since it accumulates dust and absorbs liquids.


It can be considered as the most aesthetic option. It depends on the type of leather that is used, the temperature is a factor for or against.

Common synthetic leather does not perspire, so it can generate more heat and discomfort; in turn, it turns out to be a fast-wear material that, despite being resistant to dust, loses its properties as it tends to crack.

Main elements of a gaming chair

Some elements simply cannot be suppressed when dealing with gaming chairs. These are responsible for defining the main characteristics of the product, as well as the different ways in which it can be used and the different benefits that can be obtained from them.

Lumbar and kidney cushions

They are small pillows located in the lumbar area or at the level of the kidneys. Its function is closely linked to the protection of the spinal column and the rest of the organs that can be affected by poor posture.

They should be padded and, if possible, filled with sponge that does not deform. Usually, they are basic elements although some models allow you to remove them at ease.


There are three-dimensional and two-dimensional. They are curved extensions that are placed on the seat allowing the user’s arms to rest.

Generally, they are padded too, in this way, provide support to the wrist while using the mouse or other device of that type. The more adjustability you have, the more benefits they provide.


It is the place where the backrests and the body is allowed to rest. Ideally, it should be an adjustable element that can be tilted between 90 ° and 180 °. In addition, its design must be curved and made from elements that easily adapt to the natural curvature of the back to improve your posture and not cause muscle fatigue.

Benefits of gaming chairs for the back

Gaming chairs began to hit the market given the need to solve all those problems derived from spending hours and hours sitting in front of the laptop or console, especially health. That is why many people took seriously the importance of gaming chairs, since …

Improve circulation

Blood circulation is affected when we spend a lot of time sitting, this happens, firstly, by the position taken by the body and, in addition, by the pressure that the edges of the chair can exert on specific parts of the body, such as the legs. That is why gaming chairs have been created with smooth and rounded edges that avoid the pressure generated by poor circulation and, in the same way, cramps.

Correct posture

A gaming chair should have a structure that avoids any type of columnar injury.

For this reason, the backrest is designed so that the body adapts and, in turn, cushions are added to correct the user’s posture to avoid back pain or any type of wear related to the spine.

Additionally, we have the recline system, which brings many more benefits to this benefit.

Benefits for the back

The back is the most exposed part of the body when it comes to spending a lot of time sitting. Due to this, gaming chairs have built-in elements that help us maintain their health and stability.

Primarily, the structure is constructed in such a way that the back is not injured; second, most of these products are equipped with tools for our comfort, some chairs even have massage systems.

Where to buy the best gaming chairs?

You can always find this type of chair to enjoy video games in physical stores specialized in Gaming.

If, on the other hand, you do not have time or you have always liked shopping online, there are numerous e-commerce where you can get a gaming chair.

However, the best electronic commerce and the one that we always recommend is the official Amazon store where you can buy the best gaming chairs on the market, as well as discounts and offers.


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