What are the best Bluetooth headphones 2020?

There are many wireless headphones, but choosing the right one means having a basic understanding of the technology in them. Especially in these times, where its market is growing rapidly, offering us more variety, types of Bluetooth and a lot of features that, although they sound similar, are not always the same.

The good choice of a wireless Bluetooth headset will depend on the environment in which we will use it, the sound power we are looking for, and the improvements that may exist regarding the transmission of data between the helmets and our paired device.

The combination of these and other factors will lead us to make an informed purchase, where price and quality are balanced and where our satisfaction is guaranteed.


Different types of Bluetooth headphones

Before starting to choose our future Bluetooth headset, we must take into account the types of Bluetooth headphones that exist, to find those that best suit our needs. The main characteristic that you will notice is that there are some with a headband and others without a headband.

The headband is that bow of plastic or metallic material that joins both headphones and that helps us to fit perfectly to our head. Within this category there are two types:

  • On-Ear Headphones: Known as supraaural. They have a headband and the pads are usually above the ear. Without completely covering them. The design of the pads is usually circular. By not completely covering our ear it can be annoying if such a Bluetooth headset has never been used before.
  • Over-Ear Headphones: Also known as circumaural and in addition to having a headband, they have larger ear pads that completely cover the ear, generating greater isolation. The design of the pads is usually oval although there are others with a circular design.

On the other hand, you have the In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, which have no headband, are smaller, and fit directly into the ear. Within this category, you will find some with silicone rubber that is inserted into the ear and others such as Apple’s AirPods, which rest on the cartilage of the ear without completely entering the ear.

The wireless headset with Bluetooth In-Ear tends to be the most popular for sports, because of their small size and lightweight. Instead, headband headphones are used more for day-to-day and the home by offering higher audio quality by being more immersive.

Get to know the different versions of Bluetooth

Something very important when buying Bluetooth headphones in 2019 is knowing the Bluetooth wireless connection they have. If we start with the basics, any Bluetooth connection is defined by 3 basic parameters that are: the class, the version, and the codecs that they support. It may sound like Chinese, but here we are to answer your questions about it.

Bluetooth class

This aspect is perhaps the most important, but the truth is that many people do not know it because the brands hardly refer to it. The class indicates the power of the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver of the Bluetooth headset itself. If we organize them from lowest to highest in the effectiveness range, we differentiate 4 different ones. Class 1, 2, 3, and 4. Class 1 is the most powerful, generating an effective range of up to 100 meters away, while Class 4 Bluetooth barely has an operating range of 0.5 meters. Now, do you understand why it is so important? Still, most wireless Bluetooth headsets incorporate class 2 (10-meter range), and why this? Well simply because 10 meters is quite an acceptable distance. Also, because Bluetooth speakers from 10 meters are hardly heard if they do not have high power and many brands use the same Bluetooth for their headphones. But watch out! It is important to consider that the battery consumption is much higher if the Bluetooth class is better. Class 1 consumes up to 40 times more than class 2. Okay, now it all makes sense, right? One more thing about this, when a class 1 device connects to a class 2 device, for example, a PC to the Bluetooth speaker,  the signal strength and range are class 2 but somewhat increased.

Bluetooth version

Understanding the importance of the Bluetooth class, we will learn about the Bluetooth version, which directly affects the connection bandwidth (Mbit / s), but also the range (to a lesser extent than the class). Here we do find differences between some Bluetooth headphones and others.


The highest quality of audio that can be transmitted by Bluetooth is marked by the supported version, profiles, and codecs. The latter serves to compress the signal when sending it and not exceed the bandwidth established for that profile. The most used profile and that we have already mentioned before, is the A2DP that is accompanied by a general rule of the SBC or MP3 codec. SBC and MP3 have a bitrate of approx. 320 kbps in stereo (this depends on several factors), more than enough for streaming services, it is acceptable quality. If we are very demanding with the sound quality and we are thinking about good performance equipment, we must pay a little more attention to the codecs. If we are going to play tracks in high quality and we want to have the lowest possible signal losses, the  LDAC codec from Sony is the best. This codec is unusual and only a few high-end speakers have it. With this codec, we obtain Hi-Fi quality (96KHz / 24bit).

On the other hand, we have a much more popular codec, aptX, with which  CD quality is obtained (44 KHz16 bits) and is found in mid-range products and many more Bluetooth speakers. With this codec, latency is also improved in case we use it to watch movies or audiovisual content. There is controversy over the extent to which the human ear can discern CD quality from Hi-Fi quality or whether the teams themselves play something significantly different from one track or another. I mean,  we don’t have to go crazy with this.

What to look at before buying a Bluetooth headset?

It is important to know the different possibilities that wireless headphones offer to know if the speaker you are looking for would like some of them to be incorporated.

The IP certificate of resistance to water and dust

It is important to consider this option when buying. The Bluetooth headphones with an IP certificate of resistance to water and dust can be used in almost any circumstance. On the beach, in the shower, in the snow, under the sea … The table on the right shows the official symbols for each of the Ip certificates in the table. The symbols are not very popular with manufacturers who normally create their stamp. Those who have certified IP Bluetooth headsets are considered off-road and some of them support up shots. Within this class, there are more specialized sports headphones that allow total immersion underwater.


The NFC is a functionality that we already see for example in the new credit cards, it serves to establish the connection instantly only by bringing the two devices with NFC closer. In this case to establish the Bluetooth connection. The NFC saves us from entering menus, searching for nearby devices, etc. NFC sends all the information necessary to establish the connection. Although on the other hand,  the usual pairing process without NFC is also very simple. This technology is usually had by some high-end Bluetooth headband headphones. 

Active and passive noise cancellation

Another important point when buying a wireless Bluetooth headset is to pay attention to whether they have a noise cancellation system that improves the audio quality that reaches our ears.

Active noise cancellation is a system commonly incorporated in high-end Bluetooth wireless headsets, which include microphones that are capable of detecting and canceling ambient noise. You may wonder, but how does this system work? Well, simply by sending a wave of the same value as the external sound but inverted, which when uniting with the external sound cancel each other out.

Passive noise cancellation is one that depends exclusively on the physical characteristics of the Bluetooth wireless headset. In this case, large pads of insulating material could be considered a passive noise cancellation system. In the same way, the in-ear design of some headphones, which introduces a rubber in the ear and that acts as a plug that blocks external noise.


Today it is difficult to find Bluetooth headphones that do not have a microphone that works as a handsfree. When receiving a call and accepting it, you can speak without having the smartphone in hand, since the microphone of the headphones will send the signal of your voice. This technology is especially appreciated with the TWS (True Wireless Sound) in-ear headphones, which are those that work completely without cables, ideal for sports.

After reviewing and summarizing the key points to keep in mind when buying Bluetooth headphones, we are now ready to choose the best Bluetooth headphones of 2020  in value for money. Keep sliding and you will find all the information you need from each of the models chosen as winners to date.

To reach this selection we have taken into account the benefits of each earphone, its functionalities, connectivity, sound quality … and finally the price. Nobody wants to invest in wireless headphones and feel like they’ve thrown their money away.


  • Active noise cancellation
  • Transparent Hearing mode
  • AptX codec
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Exposed cables

Sennheiser is a manufacturer specialized in audio devices and among its products, we can find the Sennheiser Momentum 3 headphones with the headband. Some headphones with a good presence and sophisticated design, which compete directly with models from other recognized brands such as Bose.


At first glance, the Sennheiser Momentum 3 stands out for a metal headband that extends as a single piece to the headphones, where they pass through a wheel that also allows adjusting the fit of the headphones on the head. The upper part of the headband is lined with leatherette, which at the same time is filled with soft padding and adapts perfectly to the head.

The headphones have a folding system that allows them to be transferred without problems in bags or backpacks. There is a detail a bit strange and that is that the cables of the headphones are in sight, in the area that connects the headband with the cups. For some, this may be a touch of modernism and for others the possibility of the cable catching on other things.

In one of the cups, we find some buttons that allow us to control the main playback functions. We also have a tab that allows us to activate the active noise cancellation function. The cushions lined in the same material as the headband, offer a good fit and a lot of comforts.


In the sound section, the active noise cancellation system with three predefined modes stands out, with one in particular called Transparent Hearing. The latter activates the microphone to listen to music, but at the same time pay attention to what is happening in the environment.

It is important to note that Transparent Hearing mode, Max mode, and Anti-pressure mode must be managed through the Sennheiser Smart Control mobile app. Max mode takes the noise isolation level to the maximum, while Anti-pressure maintains a balance between outside noise and the music you listen to.

Overall, the sound is of excellent quality. The basses are powerful and there are no problems with the other frequencies, which always appear sharp. The drivers work with frequencies from 6 Hz -22 kHz.


The Sennheiser Momentum 3 has Bluetooth 5.0, has a 3.5mm jack, and supports aptX, AAC, and SBC codecs. Also, they are compatible with personal assistants. There is a specific button on one of the headphones that enable this function.

The Sennheiser Smart Control mobile app allows you to control various functions, in addition to noise cancellation levels. It also includes an equalizer option to further customize the sound. The application is free and is compatible with iOS and Android systems. It is available in 8 languages.

The included batteries are Lithium and offer a 17-hour playback autonomy. Although this value may decrease if we use the product at high volume and with the noise-canceling functions always activated.

The packaging of the Sennheiser Momentum 3 includes a 3.5 mm audio cable, in case the battery runs out and we want to use the headphones in the classic style, connected by cable to the music player. Also included is a USB-C to USB-A adapter and a USB-C cable. The product comes in a sleek, circular case lined with textured fabric for a sober, elegant look.


Sennheiser Momentum 3 has a price of around € 350. This seems a bit high, considering it’s a high-end noise-canceling headset, but not as efficient as the Sony WH1000XM3’s noise canceling, which is a bit cheaper, even.

Still, it is a product of fine finishes and resistant materials, with above-average sound quality. For the same reason, it is worth adding to the personal collection of premium headphones.


  • IPX4 certified
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • H1 chip
  • Interchangeable ear pads
  • 24 hours of autonomy
  • High price

The Apple AirPods Pro is the update of the classic Apple wireless headphones. New features such as active noise cancellation, design improvements, and a chip that dramatically improves music resolution are included in this model.


At first glance, there are certain similarities with Apple AirPods. A minimalist design with elegant lines. The difference is that the new AirPods Pro has a shorter temple, has an in-ear design, and also includes silicone pads to make the perfect fit on the ear.

On the outside of the headphones, we can see a black grille and in the area of ​​the temple that goes over the earlobe, we have a pressure sensor that allows us to control some essential functions. This new model is resistant to dust and water, thanks to its IPX4 certification.

Along with the headphones is included in a charging case that, in addition to protecting them, allows them to be charged. The case weighs 45.6 grams and each earphone weighs 5.4 grams. Interchangeable pads are included in the packaging, as is the Lightning USB-C cable to charge the case.


In the sound section, we have great quality, with powerful basses that mix in a balanced way with the rest of the frequencies.

The good quality of the audio is due to the presence of the Chip H1, the brand of the Apple house. A processor with ten audio cores modulates the signal, processes it, and minimizes interference. Plus, we have high distortion, low excursion speaker driver that delivers powerful bass. There is also a dynamic range amplifier that, in addition to providing crisp sound, optimizes battery usage as much as possible.

In the area of ​​the grill located on the outside of the headphones, we have an outward-facing microphone. This is in charge of detecting the external sound and then generating an anti-noise signal of equal amplitude to block/cancel that frequency. Key and necessary operation in the active noise cancellation system.

The curious and also innovative thing is that Apple has put another microphone but oriented inside the same earphone, in case there was eventually an unwanted sound inside it. When detected, it also generates an anti-noise signal and blocks the frequency. To make matters worse, the noise cancellation system adjusts 200 times per second, to ensure that music is played as clearly as possible.

If we do not want to use the noise cancellation system, we can gently press the pressure sensor located on the elongated part of the earpiece. Then, we will go to the ambient mode where the playback will continue but we will be able to perceive the surrounding noises either to pay attention to a situation or to carry on a conversation.


Apple AirPods feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology and an adaptive equalization system. The headphones offer a range of 4.5 hours of playback that can be extended up to 24 hours using the charging case.


The price of the AirPods is € 279 with the case, if you buy it directly on the Apple website, although on Amazon you can find a tad cheaper. The price is high, but given the number of updates and technical features that have been added to the product, there are not many drawbacks to put at its value.

It is already known that an Apple product is a guarantee of quality and adequate technical support in case of incidents.


  • Quality finishes and sound
  • Long duration battery
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Comfort of your memory pads
  • App to equalize the sound
  • High price
  • They are not compatible with aptX

The Bang & Olufsen H9i are circumaural headphones that stand out for having luxurious finishes, which are accompanied by the best technology. This allows them to offer exceptional sound, a hallmark of Bang & Olufsen products.


These B&O H9i are headphones that, in addition to having an elegant presence, are comfortable. This is possible, thanks to the materials used in its manufacture and which are a mixture of aluminum and genuine leather.

The ear is gently treated thanks to a soft, leather-like texture that surrounds the memory foam in the ear cushions. So when you first wear these headphones, you understand that you are using a quality product.

The way all the parts, headband, and headphones are put together is compact and everything seems to fit together perfectly. Nothing is loose and nothing seems fragile. Everything looks sturdy and durable. And while one might think that these headphones weigh a lot for their looks, they only weigh 284 grams.

In the right earpiece, we find a touch surface that thanks to a series of gestures that allow us to control the main playback functions, in addition to the volume. Also in the right earphone, we find an input for 3.5mm jack cable and a USB port.

The product packaging includes a 1.5 meter 3.5mm jack cable, a power adapter, and a 1.5-meter USB-A to USB-C cable.


This top-of-the-line Bluetooth headset has a bass-boosted sound that works quite well with all other frequencies. And although some reviews indicate that there is a certain weakness in the sound, it should be noted that there is plenty of power.

The theme of power and cleanliness in sound is also due to the good construction of the earphone itself and the way it naturally isolates the comfortable earpad. This is also reinforced with a Noise Cancellation System that reduces the impact of external noise and produces a fully immersive feeling.

Of course, it should be clarified that nothing appears anywhere that indicates the compatibility of the drivers with aptX, a strangely absent feature in headphones that for their price, fit into the high-end category. Still, the built-in bass port on the Bang & Olufsen H9i seems to settle the sound issue pretty well, offering power and clarity, without clipping.

The headphones include two dedicated microphones for picking up voice during calls. This ensures our conversations without cuts and premium quality.


These wireless B&O headphones have Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which ensures that the signal sent from the device connected to the headphones remains stable and does not cause unexpected cuts during music playback. Although it is not the latest version, connectivity is higher than expected for version 4.0.

The headphones have an integrated battery that with a charge time of 2.5 hours offers a range of 24 hours. A value that may vary downward if you use the high volume or always keep the active noise cancellation system activated.

If you eventually run out of battery, you don’t have to worry because the 3.5mm cable input located on the right earbud allows you to directly connect the earbuds to the device or mobile of your choice.

If you want to further improve the already efficient performance of the Bang & Olufsen H9i, you can download the Bang & Olufsen ToneTouch application, which allows you to adjust the sound, using predefined profiles and modes. Also from the app, you can control the on and off of the active noise cancellation.


Bang & Olufsen H9i is priced at more than € 400  and is a product indicated for design lovers who know how to appreciate the details and good finishes in a headset with these characteristics. However, the fact that the product does not have aptX compatibility may not completely convince those looking for the maximum sound performance in a product that due to its high price is supposed to have them.

BOSE 700

  • Strong materials
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Bose AR technology
  • 8 microphones
  • Touch control
  • A little long charging time

The Bose 700 wireless headphones stand out for having a very modern and minimalist design that highlights the elegance and good finishes of the product. Seen at first glance, it looks like a single piece.


The headband integrates naturally into the earpiece, where you can also regulate the fit of the head. The headband is stainless steel and the upper is lined with synthetic protein leather with a soft foam padding for an extra feeling of comfort. This earphone model is available in black and silver and the total weight of the product is 255 grams.

The manufacturing material of the headphones is, for the most part, polycarbonate, giving the product flexibility and resistance. Something that combines quite well with the headband, equally resistant.

The headband provides a modern and sophisticated touch, with the widest head area and the narrowest area that approaches the headphones. Part of the headband makes its way through the headphones, through a channel that also serves to slide the headband.

In the right earphone, we have a touch control and also two buttons, one to activate the Bluetooth and the other to activate the personal assistant. Also here we have a USB-C port to charge the battery. In the left earphone, we have a button that allows activating/deactivating the noise cancellation system.


In the sound section, we have an active noise cancellation system with ten predefined modes that vary depending on the level of noise isolation.

For the best sound experience during calls, with the voice assistant and also with the noise cancellation system, the Bose 700 has 8 microphones. Also, they include Bose AR technology, which thanks to built-in sensors, allows the spatial position of the person using them to be identified, to make automatic adjustments to the sound.


In the connectivity section, we have a Bluetooth 5.0 system and the possibility of adjusting the headphones from the Bose Music mobile application. From it, you can activate functions such as Bluetooth, Bose AR, in addition to configuring the levels of the active noise cancellation system.

The built-in battery offers a total autonomy of 20 hours, with an initial charge of 2.5 hours. A fast-charging system is included, which after 15 minutes of charging provides autonomy of 3.5 hours.

In case the battery runs out, the Bose 700 can be used by plugging a 3.5mm audio cable directly into the jack port. In this way, it is not necessary to pull the Bluetooth function, much less depending on the battery included in the headphones.

To add benefits to the headphones, we have compatibility with personal assistants Alexa and Google Assistant. Both can be activated from a specific button located on the right helmet.


The Bose 700 has a price of around € 300 and become a worthy competitor to the Sony WH1000XM3. Its good finishes, the efficiency of its noise cancellation system, and the efficient operation of the manufacturer’s native application transform the sound experience into a joy.

In this way, the Bose 700 become an excellent purchase option for those who are looking for true quality.

Audio Technica ATH-M50XBT

  • Sound quality
  • 45mm drivers
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Foldable design
  • Somewhat high price
  • Design can be ugly
  • ANC missing

The Audio Technica ATH-M50XBT is wireless headband headphones that are the evolution of a previous model, the Audio Technica M50X, which were the best selling headphones with professional quality cable and exceptional sound.

In this case, adding the Bluetooth function to an already successful model has been an excellent idea. For the same reason, we will tell you below what makes this product so attractive.


Audio Technica ATH-M50XBT has a sober and elegant design, with details that also give it a sophisticated look. It is made of plastic, but the first impression is that it is a really good material and with luxurious finishes.

The headphones have a very useful folding system to store them comfortably. They can also rotate 90º to leave them flat on a surface or on the chest itself, in case we decide to leave them on our neck temporarily. They do not weigh much, just 310 grams.

The extendable headband is padded and the ear cushions are made of an extremely soft imitation leather material. Therefore the set is very comfortable for all types of heads (large or small).

The external part of the headphones has the manufacturer’s brand and a silver color line that perfectly combines with the black of all the other parts.

In the left earphone, we find three buttons that will allow us to control the main functions. Volume up / down, pause and fast forward / rewind the music playback. Also on the left earcup, there is a 3.5mm jack cable port and a micro USB port.

An interesting detail is that the outer part of the left earbud has a touch surface that automatically connects us with the Siri (Apple) and Google Assistant personal assistants.

The packaging includes a textile cover, a 3.5mm jack cable, and a micro USB charging cable.


The Audio Technica ATH-M50XBT drivers have a diameter of 45 mm and produce a balanced sound where the bass appears discreet but well combined with the rest of the frequencies. Although, if you are looking for extremely powerful bass, you may be disappointed with these headphones.

Now, you must bear in mind that this model is in a professional category, so they are designed to offer a sound experience that is as close to real as possible, without artificially exaggerating frequencies.

The headphones have neodymium magnets that work at frequencies from 15 to 29,000 Hz. They have a sensitivity of 99 dB and an impedance of 98 ohms.

An important fact to mention is that the Audio Technica ATH-M50XBT is compatible with Qualcomm aptX, AAC, and SBC codecs, so we have guaranteed good sound quality.


Audio Technica ATH-M50XBT has Bluetooth 5.0 technology that allows you to receive a stable and seamless signal from the paired device to the headphones. The coverage range is 10 meters and the supported Bluetooth profiles are A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, and HSP.

Regarding the battery, the charging time is 7 hours and the autonomy promised by the manufacturer is 40 hours. Something that makes up for how long it takes to fully charge.

Additionally, you can download the Audio Technica APP to your mobile to control some basic functions, such as choosing the profile of the codecs and verifying the battery status. A geolocation mode is also included for the headphones.


The price of the Audio Technica ATH-M50XBT is $179 and given its professional characteristics it seems to us a fair price. That, considering also the compatibility with the aptX codec, something that seems to be scarce in the first headphones of this guide. Still, a Noise Canceling System is missing, although it must also be admitted that the size of the headphones naturally isolates.

An ideal product for lovers of real and quality sound. Also for those who like eclectic designs.


  • Quality Active ANC
  • Clear sound without distortion
  • Fast charge and long battery life
  • APP to equalize sound
  • High price
  • Could have IP certificate

The Sony WH-1000XM3 are wireless headphones with a headband manufactured by Sony and which, for price and performance, fall directly into the category of high-end products.

Pay close attention to the following review, where you can confirm why it is one of the headphones that has produced the most surprises (pleasing) among consumers.


It may be paradoxical but the initial presence of the Sony WH-1000XM3 does not indicate so directly that we are in front of luxury headphones. However, by picking them up and feeling around for their materials, we realize how wrong we were.

The headphones are made of noble materials. The polycarbonate of the best quality that despite this robust appearance offers at the same time a light product that reaches just 255 grams.

These Bluetooth headphones Sony WH-1000XM 3 have a folding system inwards, towards the headband, which makes it easy to transport. Also, its headphones have a 180º rotating system, which allows them to be left flat on the chest (if they are worn around the neck).

On the outside of one of the headphones, there is a touch surface that allows us, thanks to a series of gestures, to control the main playback functions, in addition to turning it on and off. A system that closely resembles that included in the Bang & Olufsen H9i.

The packaging includes a 3.5mm jack cable and a sturdy material carrying case that will also protect the headphones.


Sony WH-1000XM3 incorporates two 40 mm drivers, dome type, with a frequency ranging from 4 Hz to 40,000 Hz. This produces a very well-powered sound in the bass and where the rest of the frequencies appear crystal clear and clean.

However, where the great plus of these headphones is is in its Noise Canceling HD QN1, a noise cancellation system that overwhelms because of the sound cleanliness it can offer.

The fact that Sony has included a 32-bit HD QN1 processor in this product means that it cancels external noise 4 times better than most headphones that offer noise cancellation systems without this processor. Which gives Sony’s headphones an abysmal advantage.

The noise isolation is so efficient that you don’t even need to turn up the volume too much. Even at low levels, the music will sound flawless, free of distortion.

As if that were not enough, the Sony WH-1000XM3 has an intelligent listening system called Sense Engine, which allows you to adapt and adjust the sound depending on the situation you are in, whether you are traveling, walking, or waiting for someone somewhere place.

And the ecstasy continues, when we realize that the headphones are compatible with AAC, aptX, aptXHD and LDAC codecs.


The battery of the Sony WH-1000XM3 has a charge time of approximately 3 hours and offers us a range of 30 hours, which can vary downwards if we use the volume at an always high level and keep the cancellation system constantly activated. of noise.

You also can do a quick charge of 10 minutes with which you get 5 hours of autonomy.

The headphones have Bluetooth and NFC technology, a system that improves and makes pairing faster with other devices.

Optionally, you can download the Sony Headphones Connect APP from where you can configure the smart listening systems, in addition to adjusting the sound profiles of the equalizer.


The Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones are priced below $278 on Amazon and although it is a high price it must be said that they fully deserve it. Starting with its noise cancellation system and its compatibility with aptX and LDAC. Likely, you will not find, at least for now, headphones with such a level of isolation and sound quality.

Therefore, this product is indicated for people who, beyond an impressive and ultra-luxurious design, are looking for all the investment to be contained in the internal components that produce an exceptional sound.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 6mm drivers
  • IP55 certification
  • Automatic pause
  • Automatic safety shutdown
  • No active noise cancellation system

Jabra Elite 75T are wireless in-ear headphones designed for off-road use. For this, they have the necessary protection certifications and have a comfortable design that allows a proper fit in the ear.


Jabra offers 9 different colors for this model, but they stand out above all else for black and titanium. On the outside of the headphones, we can see a button that through a gesture system will allow us to control the main playback functions. Here we can also see the manufacturer’s brand.

One thing Jabra has dedicated itself to is the ear hook system. With an in-ear design with the proper curvature and reducing the size and weight of the headphones, you get a better fit and greater comfort. Three spare pads are included with different sizes, to choose the most suitable for our ears.

The Jabra Elite 75T is IP55 certified, which means they are resistant to dust and splashing water. This is what allows them to be used during workouts since they adequately support sweat. However, it is important to note that headphones cannot be used underwater.

The headphones come with a charging case with a lid and magnets that fit the headphones for the charging process. On the back of the charging case, we have a USB-C port and an LED light that informs us of the charge level.


In the sound section, we have two 6 mm drivers that work with a frequency of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Also included are four microphones that improve overall sound performance during playback and also on calls. In general, the sound is of good quality, and high definition is perceived.

However, it should be mentioned that the Jabra Elite 75T does not have an active noise cancellation system. Although the microphones and in-ear design are quite isolating.

To make sound adjustments we can use the Jabra Sound + mobile application, which will allow us to access an equalizer and other functions related to headphones.

Also in the application, we will find a HearThrough mode, which is very similar to the transparency mode included in the Sennheiser Momentum 3. This mode activates one of the microphones to pick up the external sound and thus be able to pay attention to those that the environment happens, without need removing your headphones.


In the connectivity section, we have Bluetooth 5.0 with a coverage range of 10 meters. Up to 8 paired devices are supported and two devices can be connected at the same time.

An automatic pause system is also included when removing the headphones. There is also an automatic shutdown system when the headphones remain more than 15 minutes out of the case and without connection to another device.


The price of the Jabra Elite 75T is around € 180 and although they do not have an active noise cancellation system, they offer everything you need to enjoy quality sound. If we add to that the protection certification, the ergonomic design, and the good manufacturing materials, we can conclude that the price is quite fair.

By price they are equal to the second-generation AirPods, therefore they can be an alternative for all those who want to change the environment of Apple and explore products from other manufacturers such as Jabra.


  • Comfort and grip
  • Sound quality
  • Battery 9h duration
  • Ultra fast charging
  • IPX4 certified
  • Not suitable for all pockets
  • No active noise cancellation

The difference between the Beats Powerbeats Pro and the Airpods is quite large and it seems evident that Apple has wanted to differentiate these two products for different consumers: one for athletes and others for everyday use.    

We have already done a thorough review and a video on our YouTube channel that we recommend you see.


These Beats Powerbeats Pro are big and visible, but also very very comfortable. We are left with the latter since they are ideal for doing any sport. The size of the earpiece can be adjusted thanks to the wings and the different size pads.

Another important aspect of the design is that these Powerbeats Pro are IPX4 certified sports Bluetooth headphones (splashes, sweat), while others like Airdpods are not. 

In the new Beats headphones, we also find a button system to control the main functions. And it is so well thought out since the volume can be adjusted easily and if we want other adjustments we can use the central button with the Beats logo.  

Okay, the charging case is very big, but what do you expect from TWS headphones with large wings for comfort.

The Beats headphones are available in four colors: black, ivory, navy blue, and moss. 


These sports Bluetooth headphones have the Apple H1 Chip, just the same that the new Airpods carry. With this, it is possible to improve the performance of the headphones and their sound response. In this way, there is no cut or latency in the sound.

If anything stands out from the sound of these Beats Powerbeats Pro it is the reinforced bass. Beats wanted to emphasize the low frequencies so that athletes get extra adrenaline in training. This hurts high frequencies or high-pitched sounds that are slightly lost, but it’s not annoying at all.

In general, the sound is crisp and clean, with excellent maximum volume and improved cancellation compared to Airpods, due to the ear pads and their good fit with our ears.

The hands-free microphone works just as well as that of Apple’s Airpods. Come on, it has one of the best hands-free microphones on the market.


What we like most about the Beats Powerbeats Pro is the battery they have. More than 9 hours of duration on a single charge is something never seen for a TWS Bluetooth headset. If we use the charging case we will get a total of 24 hours. Ready to play sports for a whole day?

Although it does not have wireless charging, it does have fast charging. So in 15 minutes of charging we get 4.5 hours of autonomy. This is very, very practical.

We don’t know Bluetooth, but the activity range reaches up to 30 meters. Thanks to the H1 Chip there are no cuts or latencies in the sound even if we are watching a YouTube video.

By having this chip we can also contact Siri through voice commands. As with 2nd generation Airpods.


The price of the Beats Powerbeats Pro can be somewhat high (about 279 us dollar on Amazon). But they are worth it because they are the first sports headphones to have almost everything. Premium Soundbattery long timecomfort, and convenience first and quality of a great brand.


  • IPX7 certified
  • APP to equalize sound
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Comfort
  • Somewhat high price
  • 6mm small internal drivers

The Jaybird Tarah headphones are wireless sports headphones that in addition to standing out for their price, they do so for a series of features that give meaning to that dynamic and sporty aspect that is hidden behind its design.

Read the following review and find out all its features, plus all the details that make these headphones a good purchase.


The Jaybird Tarah has a sport-oriented in-ear designThey are comfortable, compact, and have a hook that improves the fit in the ear. Semi-transparent silicone rubber is easily inserted into the ear, also reinforcing the hook.

On the outside of the headphones, you can see the manufacturer’s logo, discreetly, and providing the note of modern design. The product is available in three colors: black, blue, and light gray.

cable connects the headphones and in the area of ​​the cable that goes to the right earpiece, we find a small rectangular box from where we can control the main functions of volume and reproduction. The cable also has a regulator that allows you to adjust the tension of the cable, to adapt it in the best way to your neck.

One thing we miss is magnets to attach the headphones. An option present in other models, such as the SoundPEATS Q12 Plus, and that allows them to be hung around the neck without the danger of falling.

The overall appearance of the Jaybird Tarah is quite good, with a sophisticated presence, although at times and ear positions they seem larger than other more discreet in-ear models. Still, they are extremely lightweight. Altogether it weighs 13.85 grams, we go almost nothing.

Another thing to note is that the headphones come with a charging base with a USB cable. For charging, we must fit the headphones in the base that must also be connected to another device with a USB port, such as a power bank or the mobile charger itself.

The packaging includes 3 pairs of adaptable ear gel bands, a shirt clip, and an additional regulator for the cable.


The Jaybird Tarah headphones have a very good quality sound where the basses are very well accented, giving freedom for the rest of the frequencies to be expressed, without taking them off the limelight.

Headphones have that typical bass touch that’s especially necessary for use during training or other intense activity. Something remarkable for drivers that measure just 6 mm.

Now, to further customize the sound we have the option of using the equalization system that can only be used through the application suggested by the manufacturer. Therefore, yes or yes, we will have to download the application to access these other settings.

One drawback, considering that many times during an intensive activity or training, we cannot stop to look at the mobile to make the sound adjustments. Still, the app is quite efficient. You find it on Google Play under the name Jaybird MySound.

The headphones also have a microphone so you can use them as hands-free to answer your phone calls.


The Jaybird Tarah is a certified IPX7, which makes them resistant to water splashes and sweat them. Which makes sense, considering that both its design and its sound qualities are focused on athletes or very active people.

They have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a 2.4 GHz frequency band, making the transmission between paired devices and headphones very stable, as well as efficient. This also enhances the sound quality, which does not suffer from unexpected cuts or distortion.

The charging time of the headphones is 2 hours and with this, we obtain 6 hours of autonomy. They also have a fast-charging system that with a 10-minute charge, offers a range of 1 hour.


Jaybird Tarah is priced under $100, which is quite good for what they offer, although it has some drawbacks such as the absence of magnets in the headphones to securely attach and hang them around the neck. Also missing the power to control music profiles from the headphones themselves.

Still, the sound quality stands out and quite a lot, in addition to the IPX7 certification, which transforms them into off-road headphones. That added to the careful design and good finishes completely convince us that this is a good purchase.


  • Sound quality
  • Premium materials
  • Buttons with gesture system
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 19 hours of autonomy
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth coverage 10 meters

Bang & Olufsen is a recognized manufacturer of electronic devices and within its catalog, it has wireless headphones with headband B&O Beoplay H4. A product that stands out for its elegant design and excellent finishes.


In the B&O Beoplay H4, the minimalist design stands out where the circular and the smooth edges seem to be the key proposed by Jakob Wagner, it’s designer. The headband materials are a mix of aluminum and steel, all lined with genuine leather and filled with a memory foam, which allows a precise fit without much pressure on the skull. The headphones can be folded down for easy portability.

In the right earphone, we have three buttons that allow controlling most of the functions using a gesture system. On the outside of the headphones, we can see the manufacturer’s brand inscribed. Also in this headset, we have a 3.5 mm jack input and a MicroUSB port.

The dimensions of the headphones are 18 x 22 x 5 centimeters and the total weight is 244 grams, light enough not to bother you for a couple of hours of use. This, because although the pads are very comfortable, the headband puts pressure on the skull that could perhaps be uncomfortable after a long day of use.

The product packaging includes a 1.25-meter audio cable, in case we want to use the headphones physically connected to the music player.


In the sound section, we have two 40 mm drivers that produce a powerful sound with deep bass, where the rest of the frequencies appear sharp and without saturation. It should be noted that the pad exerts a great insulating capacity. The driver’s frequency range is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, the impedance is 20 ohms, and the sensitivity is 91 DB / mW at 1 kHz.

An omnidirectional microphone is also included, which is the one that allows you to use the headphones with Google Assitant, using voice commands. However, it is important to clarify that this function is not yet available in all countries. Therefore, before buying the headphones, it will be necessary to verify if the voice assistant is available and the language of the same. The button to activate the voice assistant is located on the left earpiece.

Another important fact to note is that the B&O Beoplay H4 does not have an active noise cancellation system. However, given the good construction of the headband and ear cushions, we have a naturally functioning, passive noise cancellation system, blocking much of the external noise.


In the connectivity section, we have Bluetooth 4.2 technology, with a coverage range of 10 meters. There is no latency or interruptions in the signal, therefore optimal operation is confirmed. There are also no problems in pairing the headphones with other connected devices.

The headphones can be used in conjunction with the Bang & Olufsen mobile application, from where we can configure some essential functions.

The headphones have a 600 mAh lithium-ion battery, which with an initial charge offers a total autonomy of 19 hours. The charging time is 2.5 hours.


The price of the B&O Beoplay H4 is around 300 usd, but in online stores like Amazon, we can find them a little cheaper. Its value seems relatively fair, considering the premium finishes and the good sound quality, but it squeaks that for this price they do not have an active noise cancellation system.


  • Comfort and size
  • Balanced sound
  • Available 3 colors
  • Very complete app
  • Price quality
  • Somewhat fair battery
  • Without IP certificate

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds are wireless in-ear headphones and TWS that stand out for having a simple and minimalist design. Hinting that the main objective of Samsung is to offer a discreet product where what stands out is the sound and the rest of the benefits.

Below we explain in detail what are the strengths of the Samsung Galaxy Buds.


Samsung Galaxy Buds have a design very similar to another model of the same manufacturer, the Gear Icon XThey are small in size, no bigger than your fingertip and unadorned or anything else striking in design. They are slightly smaller than the Gear Icon X.

The headphones weigh 5.6 grams each and are very comfortable to wear. This is due in large part to the ergonomic design where a small rubber is inserted into the ear, gently hooking into the ear. The fit is so good that it resists sudden movements, without falling.

The outer part of the auriculars has a touch surface that allows controlling the main playback functions. It also serves to answer calls and connect directly with Bixby, the exclusive voice assistant for Samsung products.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds come with a charging box whose biggest plus is that they allow charging via USB-C cable and also wireless charging. The headphones are available in white, black, and yellow.

The packaging includes 3 pairs of rubbers, 3 caps and 3 rubber rings, all of the different sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your ear.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds have a sound with a strong presence of bass that, however, does not cover the rest of the frequencies. Still, the quality is within normal and not surprising as much as other in-ear headphones we’ve reviewed in this headphone guide. We have noticed that the maximum volume is not at all high we miss a little more volume. To this, we must add that they do not have a noise cancellation system.

Anyway, it should be clarified that everything gets better when we use the Samsung Galaxy Wearable application that allows us to make some modifications that further enhance the sound. In it, we find an equalizer with 5 predefined profiles.

Another interesting thing you can do from the application is to activate the ambient sound function, which activates the microphones located in the headphones so that they can pick up the external sound. This allows you to have conversations or pay attention to the environment without having to remove your headphones.

The headphones also feature adaptive dual microphone technology, allowing you to greatly improve your conversations, reducing external noise as much as possible. This happens because headphones can change the way you use microphones, choosing whether you will use external or internal.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds have two 58 mAh batteries and the charging case has a capacity of 252 mAh. The battery in the case can be charged with a USB-C cable or also via wireless charging with the Qi standard. This allows us to use a Samsung smartphone to charge our headphones.

With an initial charge, you get an autonomy of 6 hours, which can vary downwards depending on whether you permanently use the high volume. The charging case offers an additional 6 hours individually, which falls short compared to other cases offered by the competition.

The fact that you can do some additional settings through the Galaxy Wearable app helps improve the sound experience, but there are also other features like “find my Earbuds” that help you find the headphones, in case you have lost them at home or your workplace.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds are priced below $ 150 on Amazon and for what it offers we believe they are fair. The sound is good and balanced, but not impactful. On the other hand, an active noise cancellation system and greater functions in the mobile application are greatly lacking.

Still, it should be noted that the design and finishes are top quality and there is no problem with the fit and fastening of the headphones. The sober design gives them an elegant touch and the price seems interesting if you are also a user of other Samsung products, with which you can easily pair these headphones.


  • 12mm drivers
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charging case included
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android
  • 16-hour battery life (with charging case)
  • Without noise canceling system

JBL Tune 220 are wireless headphones that immediately attract attention for their modern design and diversity of colors. Models are available in blue, white, black, and pink.


Much like first-generation AirPods, the JBL Tune 220 has an elongated temple that covers part of the earlobe. The hitch on the earbud is comfortable and soft. Each earphone weighs 57 grams.

On the outside of the headphones, we find a small button that through a gesture system allows us to control the main functions. Playback is controlled with the left earphone.

The buttons have a hard and rigid appearance, therefore they must be pressed with more force than normal. By pressing the right button we can control the playback functions such as pause or song skipping. Also here we can activate the personal assistant, pressing twice in a row.

The headphone’s packaging includes a compact charging case with lid, with the manufacturer’s brand on the front. The headphones are inserted and adjusted with a magnet system and three LED lights indicate the state of charge. At the bottom of the case, we have a micro USB port.


In the sound section, we have two 12 mm drivers that work with a frequency of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. The impedance is 32 ohms and the sensitivity is 105 dB at 1 kHz1mW. The resulting sound is clean and with deep bass. All frequencies work in a very balanced way and no saturation is detected at high volume.

The power is produced by a system that the manufacturer has called JBL Pure Bass and that refers to the combination between the design of the headphones and the way the drivers are included in them. Something that would boost the lower frequencies.

It is important to note that the JBL Tune 220 does not have an active noise cancellation system . And because the design is in-ear, they are probably not the ideal choice if you want to listen to music with a maximum level of isolation from external noise. In this case, it is better to opt for headphones with a headband and large pads or in-ear models such as the AirPods Pro, which have an active noise cancellation system.


In the connectivity section, we have a Bluetooth 5.0 system. An even smaller button located on the top edge of the headphones allows pairing between the two headphones. The product is compatible with iPhone and Android devices and can also be used as a hands-free, pairing the headphones with another connected device.

The JBL Tune 220 battery is Lithium-ion and offers a total autonomy of 5 hours, with an initial charge of 2 hours. This value increases if we add the extra autonomy that the charging case offers. In that case, we can arrive at 16 hours.


The price of the JBL Tune is around € 100 and of all the options exposed in this summary of headphones, it is the cheapest. This does not imply that they are of poorer quality. They do pretty well, though they lack premium features like active noise cancellation or other more expensive product enhancements.

Still, if we don’t want to spend a lot of money, the JBL Tune 220 is the perfect choice for students or people looking for headphones with a spartan design and quality sound that does not require additional settings.


After reading this guide and having analyzed the 12 best wireless headphones 2020, you will surely have more clarity on the type of product you are looking for. To start you have to ask yourself the type of use that we are going to give it if it is a sport, day by day, work …

If you have it clear we recommend taking a look at our more specific guidelines as headphones for sports also headphones wireless TWS among other types.

Also, you may have noticed that the most expensive high-end headphones with the best sound performance are the Bose QuietComfort II, Bang & Olufsen H9iSony WH-1000XM3, and Sennheiser PXC550 models. All with an over-ear design, except the Bang & Olufsen model which is on-ear. 

The rest of the wireless Bluetooth headphones are usually divided into the in-ear and sports categories, where for size reasons you will find lower prices. Although beware, here you should also pay attention to the details that we explained to you at the beginning of this guide, because it is not the same to buy the Jabra Elite Active 65t as the Xiaomi AirDots. Even though both are in-ear headphones, they are very different in their technical features, something that you can also confirm in the price of each one.

Be that as it may, we trust that all the information in this guide will help you choose the wireless headset that best suits your pocket and your sound demands. For any questions or suggestions, you can use the comments below, we always answer.


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