Who would have thought that if AKG Acoustics were established, it would become part of the world’s largest electronics company like Samsung? This fact shows us that a vast amount of money is related to technology and how fast it progresses.

But beyond who is the owner of the AKG company, what interests us is to know if the fame of the AKG headphones is really deserved because they are a world reference in the field of sound, both professionally and studio level. If all the options we have in the market this is the best.

For starters, always trust trusted brands that are dedicated only to the world of listening, this is the case with AKG as they will always provide you high-quality products with a focus on one type of product and specialized. If a brand survives for so many years devoting itself solely to audio, it already gives us a clue that they are not doing too badly. As if these weren’t enough, London’s well-known BBC or Elvis Presley’s prestigious artists, among others, are interested in guaranteeing your work on your products.

Needless to say, the responsiveness of these headphones is flat, meaning they don’t give the sound any change or any frequency power, so it gives us real and reliable audio, one of the qualities we look for when we want to do studio work. These AKG headphones deliver very realistic sound without exaggerating the bass, as compared to other brands like Beats, which amplify the sounds of the bass too much (perfect for enjoying electronic music), but useless for more songs. Professional. If you want to know the best Beats headphones, check out our guide.

The truth is that one-on-one headphones pay you not only for the sound quality we provide but also for their design, brand, and the development of their technology. Below we are going to show you the advantages and cons of the best AKG headphones of 2020, so you can choose the ones that are most suitable for your needs and don’t let yourself be driven by design alone.

AKG K-701

  • Classic AKG design
  • Flat response (do not enhance any frequency)
  • Flat Cable Coil Technology
  • AKG Varimotion ultra-precision system
  • Very good comfort
  • Good value for money
  • They lose a little sound from the back
  • Somewhat bulky and unstable

We started this list of the best AKG headphones with AKG K-701, premium headphones, well known by the brand, and various audio media have awarded it many times. Its sound quality is very good, very balanced, with clear sound and the presence of a perfect bass. Its response is flat, so there is no amplification at any frequency, making them ideal headphones as reference headphones for reference studios.

These are over-the-ear headphones that cover our entire ear, weighing 371 grams, so we’ll be able to wear them during long sessions without discomfort to the ears or skull. Moreover, their leather band fits perfectly. Since they are open headphones, these may not be the best isolation, so it is advisable to use them for spaces with little ambient noise. It should be noted that some words escape (due to its isolation).

The materials with which they are made are of the highest quality, so they are robust and also resist falls or blows. Its design, like most of the headphones we will see here, is a classic hallmark of AKG. They feature a 6.3mm stereo jack plug (cable length 3m), a sound pressure level of 105dB, and a frequency response of 10-39,800Hz.


  • There is an excellent quality-price relation
  • Comes with 2 interchangeable cables
  • 1 pair of extra pads
  • Varimotion 30mm transducers
  • Flat answer perfect for study
  • We lose some sound
  • They are not suitable for enjoying certain styles of music

We continue with semi-open headphones, with a circumaural design that continues with the AKG line, they are the professional AKG K240 MKII headphones. Although its features are very similar in all its aspects to the AKG K240 studio model (one of the company’s flagship models), the truth is that they come with an additional spiral cable (3 m in length) that will not provide extra comfort and a couple of extra pads (pads) much more comfortable.

Its weight is 226 g, a fairly low weight considering its quality, so they will not bother at all. Being semi-open it is true that we are going to lose a little sound, or listen to some ambient audio, but much less than in open headphones, but at the same time we are going to enjoy greater ventilation than closed ones. They have a frequency response of 15 Hz – 25 kHz, a maximum input power of 200 mW and a nominal impedance of 55 Ohms.

One of the reasons to include them in this list of best AKG headphones is their advanced Varimotion 30mm XXL transducers that offer us solid mid-range sounds, precise bass and crystal-clear highs. As I have already mentioned, their frequency range is very large, with a flat response that makes them perfect for a recording studio, being able to distinguish sounds that are overlooked with other headphones and without highlighting any frequency. Its price is quite good, since we are not going to find such cheap studio headphones, so they are ideal to start in this world.


  • Classic AKG design
  • Flat response (do not enhance any frequency)
  • Flat Cable Coil Technology
  • Very good sound quality
  • Very good comfort
  • Comes with 2 cables and gel pads
  • They do not have good insulation due to their rear opening
  • Somewhat unstable construction

Let’s go for another headphone designed as a reference headphone in a recording studio, with a slightly higher price than the AKG K-701, some improved features and some extra accessories. The AKG K712 PRO is Over-ear headphones, with quite large and comfortable gel pads, although like the headphones we have already seen, they are a bit bulky and bulky for everyday use. Read on and find out why they have a place on our list of best AKG headphones.

Although their design is very comfortable, they also make them a little unstable, so they can fall off if we make any sudden movement, even, they leave a small opening in the back designed to improve the sound quality but which in turn prevents block ambient noise.

This model comes with 2 cables (3 m long), one straight and the other in a spiral, to choose the one that best suits us, it also includes a carrying case. Its frequency response is 10 – 39800 Hz, and its maximum input power is 200mW. Also includes a 6.3mm adapter. Its weight is somewhat lower than the K-701 and its impedance slightly higher, 62 Ohm.

Its sound is impressive, clean, crisp and very pleasant, with a presence at all frequencies and minimal distortion. If we want to get better performance, it is advisable to connect them to an amplifier, to increase the power, if they cannot be short and with little volume. Recommended especially for a studio with low ambient noise, to feel each frequency in its proper measure thanks to its flat sound response.


  • Young and modern design
  • aptX
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Battery up to 20 hours
  • Real sound with Bass presence
  • Good value for money
  • Somewhat annoying after prolonged use

With the AKG Y50BT headphones, we enter another type of market, and that is that we go directly from the recording studio to the street. These speakers have a different design and other features that make them more suitable for all audiences. One of the best On-ear speakers on the market is the AKG Y50, for its price/quality ratio, but the new AKG Y50BT also include Bluetooth connection to forget about the annoying cables.

Its construction is very good and durable, with a young and modern design, with metallic tones, which will surely attract eyes on the street. In addition to the transport bag that they include to take them with us, we can fold them to take up less space. These AKG Y50BT headphones offer aptx that ensures that we will not lose sound quality when using Bluetooth, and a battery that will allow us to enjoy music for 20 hours. To charge them, we will only have to use its micro-USB charging port located on the left earbud, while the control buttons will be on the right earbud.

If we run out of battery, we will only have to connect its cable and thus continue enjoying the music, as if we had its previous version. The hands-free function is also important, with which we can answer calls and speak thanks to its hands-free microphone. Contrary to AKG’s more focused studio headphones, these provide an extra presence to the bass, which without being excessive, will help improve the sound of electronic music (among others).

The AKG Y50BT are a good option for music lovers who are looking for a real sound, that’s why you have them in this list of best AKG headphones, with the presence of bass (they do not have a flat response) and wireless connection. Its price is correct, and its quality is indisputable.


  • Classic AKG design
  • Good value for money
  • Clear and balanced sound
  • Very good comfort
  • Construction with cheap plastic
  • Quite bulky

Here we bring you the cheapest headphones from this list of best AKG headphones for this year 2020. It is the AKG K92, an Over-ear model of only 200 g, which despite looking with cheap materials such as plastic, its sound quality is amazing. This is a closed type of earphone, with a cable in your left earphone, 3 meters long.

Its design, very similar to the K-701 and K712PRO, makes them quite bulky, defining their use for the home or study, not going out on the street with them or playing sports. The weight of the headphones rests on the top of the head, thanks to its band, which helps distribute it so that we can wear them for hours without problems. The response frequency of its drivers is 16 Hz – 22 kHz, which is not bad for the price they have.

Compared to other more expensive models, the sound sounds a bit more compressed, yet they still feel balanced and have a good bass presence. As we have commented, although they have a similar appearance to studio headphones, the truth is that they were not designed for this purpose, since it is not so faithful to maintaining a flat response that prevents some frequency from standing out from the others.

Despite its simple and plastic-coated appearance, the truth is that inside it AKG technology will not disappoint, for a very reasonable price we can enjoy quality music for long hours.


  • Minimalist design
  • Good sound quality
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Battery with 8 hours of autonomy
  • Free hands
  • NFC
  • Plastic with a feeling of fragility
  • We can have interference
  • Big size

The last headphones that we bring you to this list of the best AKG headphones are the AKG K 845BT, large over-ear closed headphones that have Bluetooth wireless connection. Its weight is 300 g, and its design is a bit different from the classic AKG, these being a little more modern and designed for all audiences.

Like the previous Bluetooth headphones, these work with a battery, with an autonomy of 8 hours (3 h of charge), but they also have a 1.2 m cable to use their 3.5 mm mini-jack connection (in case we run out of battery). The buttons for control are located on the right earphone (they also allow us to take or end calls). Despite not having a recent version of aptX and Bluetooth (3.0), we do have NFC, which allows us to pair them to any compatible device just by touching them for a few seconds.

Its 50mm drivers produce clean and detailed sound throughout the entire frequency spectrum (in this model they range from 20 – 20,000 Hz). As is the custom in the AKG brand, the music is not “colored”, and the sounds are shown as they are, although they may be somewhat flat if we are lovers of the lowest sounds.


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