About us

What do we do?

When the time comes to buy a new product, we all want to make the right choice.

But faced with the multitude of models on the market, different brands, marketing arguments, and complex technical characteristics, making a good purchase is a real obstacle course.

That’s why we created BestFindee.

Our mission: to help you find the best products!

Since 2018, our specialized writers have analyzed and compared hundreds of products every day to find the best of the moment.

Choice of products and themes

Our creative managers choose products, topics of interest, and current events to guide readers in their purchases, as well as in choosing the best products on the market.

It is intended that consumers inform themselves accurately about various products or services that they can find in the market, in addition to being correct in their purchasing decisions.

Exploratory phase

In this first stage of the investigation, Bestfindee.com journalists should seek quality sources and specialized documents on the subject under study.

They must also identify professionals or experts who can provide useful information for the preparation of a serious and complete article on the product or topic in question.

Approach to key questions

Copywriters need to look in-depth at what consumers really need to know about the product.

Next, they must poll what are the most frequent doubts among the users of the product and, with the greatest objectivity possible, determine which questions will be answered as a result of their research.

Thorough reading and collection of data

In this phase, the Bestfindee.com journalists, guided by the key questions, make an exhaustive reading of the scientific articles and other selected documents.

Likewise, they extract from each source the most valuable and accurate information to answer frequently asked questions, choose the best products, and write the article later.

Choice of favorites independent of product manufacturers

Depending on the type of product or topic being investigated, journalists choose certain criteria to determine which are the best articles on the market.

Some aspects that they usually value are the quality of the manufacturing materials, the power, the capacity, the speed, the resistance, or the opinions and evaluations of the users, among others.

Subsequently, they compare and make a list of favorites or recommendations for readers (regardless of the manufacturers) on the best products available on the Internet.

They also provide links to online stores where users can find such items, such as toys or electronic devices.

Writing the article

Subsequently, the editors of Bestfindee.com present their research findings in the clearest, most concise, and pleasant way possible. For this, they make use of lists, tables, and an ordered structure that allows the user to read what interests him most.

Thus, readers have at their disposal serious, reliable, and excellent quality articles. On the other hand, we try to ensure that all the data and arguments that appear in the various buying guides are duly supported by a citation or bibliographic reference (which is presented at the end of each article with a link that allows you to expand the information and check the veracity Of the same).

Correction and layout

BESTFINDEE.COM also has a professional and specialized team of proofreaders and expert web designers who make our articles the best in their category.

We intend to minimize to the maximum the errors of all kinds that could appear in the shopping guides that we offer to our readers. We want to offer serious, truthful information with a unique design.

Readers rating and inquiries

At BESTFINDEE.COM we want to give you the best and most complete information about any product you want to buy on the market. Therefore, your opinions, evaluations, and questions are very important to us.

As you can see, we always try to solve all your doubts in the most complete and fast way possible. We are constantly ready to communicate with you.

How do you make money?

On Bestfindee, there is neither advertising nor sponsored article. Of course, like any business, we have to earn money to be remunerated and thus continue to offer you free content.
To compensate us, we use a system called affiliation.
The principle is quite simple: when you click on a link to e-commerce and you make a purchase, we receive, in most cases, a small commission from e-commerce. This method helps generate revenue without encouraging us to recommend one brand over another. Indeed, the percentage of commission is the same regardless of the brand.
To avoid unpleasant surprises, we make it a point of honor to work only with reliable merchants such as Amazon, Cj Commission Etc
So, if you appreciate our content and want to encourage our activity, do not hesitate to use the links on Bestfindee to make your purchases.

Do you test the products you select?

Currently, we do not test ourselves all the mentioned products.
For the moment, we prefer to focus on our specialty, which is product selection. Our rigor of research, analysis, comparison, and keeping up to date makes us experts in this field.
However, when we have a real hesitation on the quality of a product, we can sometimes order it to test it in real situations and assess what it is worth it.

Our article writers experts in their field?

Each writer is responsible for categories of products that it knows best and is formed continuously to become an expert in his field.
Through their research, thanks to regular reading of books and specialized documentation and by staying informed of market developments, they quickly acquire the status of an expert in their chosen field.